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About us/FAQ


ONS is an Anime Re-/encoding team who provide anime in a low file size while maintaining best possible quality. We primarily use 10-bit x264 for encoding and our preferred resolution is 720p HD (1080p FHD for Blurays). We use the best possible fansub for quality soft subtitles. I (msaadn) started ONS in January 2010 when we were a small dedicated team of anime enthusiasts from around the globe with passion and time on our hands. Due to our busy lives and inevitible circumstances we disbanded after serving for 2 years. Alas, throughout my journey I lost and gained some members. I still consider ONS as one of my best project, which is why I have decided to resume it and intend to simultaneously focus on my real life. ONS strived to provide the best video and subtitle quality available out there and intend to continue so.

Why did you start ONS?

I was able to relate with the struggle of having a slow internet connection, limited bandwidth and low disk space as I myself suffered from it. I faced these problems in the long term. My passion and admiration for anime and encoding urged me to start this and we hope to take it with us for as long as possible.

Are you a part of any fansub group?

Nope. We’re not associated with the fansub groups in any way. We just re-encode their releases. (Shoutout to all fansub groups. We appreciate your work alot!)

Can I post your releases elsewhere?

We don’t mind. I’d appreciate it if you would credit us. After all, we did put in some effort in our work.

Will you encode using x265?

I really don’t see the need for it right now. x264 is doing a fine job. the strain x265 takes on encoding and playback is significantly bigger. People on a slow system won’t be able to play it well (or play it at all).

Can you encode show XXX?

Request it and we’ll see what we can do.