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Ongoing release announcements

Dagashi Kashi Episode 05

Well.. I had alot of work to do and I was supposed to go out, but it started to rain heavily and I forgot my umbrella at the univeristy… this day sucks.. Have your weekly sweetness instead. Uploaded: https://safelinking.net/B9t7Xmh ClicknUpload: https://safelinking.net/9rX913b

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Active Raid Episode 05

Yet again a very busy and hectic week for me, so the releases will be slow again. Sorry guys. Enjoy the episode. Dagashi kashi 05 is next, but I work on it either late tonight or tomorrow. Uploaded: https://safelinking.net/bAkGwPc ClicknUpload: https://safelinking.net/9Kdr2qQ

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