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The setting is a parallel world to Fate/stay night where the Greater Grail mysteriously disappeared from Fuyuki after the Third Holy Grail War. After many years of silence, around the same time as the Fifth Holy Grail War would have happened, the Yggdmillennia, a family of magi, openly declares their secession from the Mage’s Association, and that they are in possession of the Grail. The Association dispatches fifty magi to retrieve it, and all but one are instantly slaughtered by a mysterious Servant. The one remaining manages to activate the reserve system of the Greater Grail, allowing for the summoning of fourteen Servants in total.

In the city of Trifas, two factions will fight for the control of the sacred relic, each of them possessing their own team of seven Servants: the Black Faction whose members are part of Yggdmillennia, protecting the Grail, and the Red Faction whose members were sent by the Mage’s Association, trying to take the Grail back. For an event of this scale, the Grail itself summons its own Servant, the holy Ruler, to oversee the conflict.

This marks the start of the Great Holy Grail War.


Type: TV
Episodes: 25
Producers: Aniplex, Notes, Tokyo MX, BS11
Licensors: Aniplex of America
Studios: A-1 Pictures
Source: Light novel
Genres: Action, Historical, Supernatural, Drama, Magic, Fantasy
Duration: 23 min. per ep.
Rating: R – 17+ (violence & profanity)
Resolution: 1280×720
Language: Japanese
Subs: English (Softsubs)
Fansub: [UTW]



Episode 01 https://safelinking.net/S61SFtI
Episode 02 https://safelinking.net/yp4HYmA
Episode 03 https://safelinking.net/S72cHRz
Episode 04 https://safelinking.net/ekyBRYk
Episode 05 https://safelinking.net/tiebw7k
Episode 06 https://safelinking.net/rPt58au
Episode 07 https://safelinking.net/utnABdK
Episode 08 https://safelinking.net/lo7wJMk
Episode 09 https://safelinking.net/4tbUTeN
Episode 10 https://safelinking.net/5ey9bwk
Episode 11 https://safelinking.net/QfDyDU4
Episode 12 https://safelinking.net/ehLSRmw
Episode 13 https://safelinking.net/spWU7Fg
Episode 14 https://safelinking.net/mIrnnnl
Episode 15 https://safelinking.net/QM2CgAB
Episode 16 https://safelinking.net/adZoeQ6
Episode 17 https://safelinking.net/8pqwJFT
Episode 18 https://safelinking.net/SmtolBC
Episode 19 https://safelinking.net/a9DUJJ7
Episode 20 https://safelinking.net/btud3Xa
Episode 21 https://safelinking.net/lyBxb4r
Episode 22 https://safelinking.net/XGR3i1w
Episode 23 https://safelinking.net/3tNp6mP
Episode 24 https://safelinking.net/mamnY68
Episode 25 https://safelinking.net/SDonoD9


Episode 01 https://safelinking.net/sC3dni5
Episode 02 https://safelinking.net/hSrG2BD
Episode 03 https://safelinking.net/axtLwuE
Episode 04 https://safelinking.net/FwoN2hY
Episode 05 https://safelinking.net/2td6YkG
Episode 06 https://safelinking.net/PsQIlih
Episode 07 https://safelinking.net/eXLnHgn
Episode 08 https://safelinking.net/wCCT91t
Episode 09 https://safelinking.net/mHWLZbj
Episode 10 https://safelinking.net/ro1FqMr
Episode 11 https://safelinking.net/EfdHHjA
Episode 12 https://safelinking.net/mptflAh
Episode 13 https://safelinking.net/PDKmEm7
Episode 14 https://safelinking.net/Edc6alQ
Episode 15 https://safelinking.net/dCglBZ6
Episode 16 https://safelinking.net/1Xtw2cR
Episode 17 https://safelinking.net/13iW5yl
Episode 18 https://safelinking.net/GjhWuYw
Episode 19 https://safelinking.net/n7XKEc5
Episode 20 https://safelinking.net/jkUYisM
Episode 21 https://safelinking.net/8MMpjgR
Episode 22 https://safelinking.net/Ir2TI4J
Episode 23 https://safelinking.net/NUR91oy
Episode 24 https://safelinking.net/9nqs8q2
Episode 25 https://safelinking.net/sZAW6x2


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