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Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo! 2

Following a tragic accident, the game-loving shut-in Satou Kazuma was reborn in a parallel world. Though his dream of enjoying a new life as an adventurer in an RPG-inspired world and striving to be a hero didn’t come true, he managed to get by in his new world. He was joined by Aqua, the goddess who accompanied him to the parallel world; Megumin, an arch wizard who can only use her magic once a day; and Darkness, a crusader whose attacks always miss. And so, along with his party of girls who have extremely advanced powers but unfortunately can’t take full advantage of them, he managed to complete some quests here and there.

Then, one day, after Kazuma’s party saved the town of Axel from the mobile fortress Destroyer, a messenger from the capital came to tell Kazuma that he was suspected of the crime of subversion to the state! Where will the ordinary adventurer Kazuma’s life in a parallel world lead him tomorrow?!


Type: TV
Episodes: Unknown
Producers: Tokyo MX
Licensors: None found, add some
Studios: Studio Deen
Source: Light novel
Genres: Adventure, Comedy, Supernatural, Magic, Fantasy
Duration: 23 min.
Rating: PG-13 – Teens 13 or older
Resolution: 1280×720
Language: Japanese
Subs: English (Softsubs)
Fansub: [HorribleSubs]



Episode 01 https://safelinking.net/mxehotl
Episode 02 https://safelinking.net/55a7oHm
Episode 03 https://safelinking.net/J2LEEEL
Episode 04 https://safelinking.net/3lxxeR9
Episode 05 https://safelinking.net/c136EpA
Episode 06 https://safelinking.net/9urIXgL
Episode 07 https://safelinking.net/ZqkH9ot
Episode 08 https://safelinking.net/dAWJzB5
Episode 09 https://safelinking.net/juLcsaB
Episode 10 https://safelinking.net/DxjMPMu
Episode 11
Episode 12


Episode 01 https://safelinking.net/obdA6hp
Episode 02 https://safelinking.net/xJjH2Yq
Episode 03 https://safelinking.net/wiHw86x
Episode 04 https://safelinking.net/yjE41fI
Episode 05 https://safelinking.net/brslwKx
Episode 06 https://safelinking.net/lDkFn8i
Episode 07 https://safelinking.net/xg7btdb
Episode 08 https://safelinking.net/nUTYuMu
Episode 09 https://safelinking.net/wSbimrh
Episode 10 https://safelinking.net/RJqIsXC
Episode 11
Episode 12

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