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Mass Update #1


Here we are guys. Part 1 of the “Mass Update”. This update contains all the episodes that were released in the past week. Anything that’s released today is not on this list. Currently queuing the encodes and shifting between things i need to settle IRL. It’ll take some time so I’m most likely going to do another mass update tomorrow. If I mislinked and possibly missed to up date any show, please do let me know. Thank you for your patience and enjoy 🙂

Dagashi Kashi 09

Uploaded: https://safelinking.net/it1yHoK
ClicknUpload: https://safelinking.net/XM2pTIT

Heavy Object 22

Uploaded: https://safelinking.net/f3ef7xr
ClicknUpload: https://safelinking.net/9RABTZI

Active Raid 10

Uploaded: https://safelinking.net/wDHK1Hn
ClicknUpload: https://safelinking.net/71kCaeo

Dimension W 09

Uploaded: https://safelinking.net/KRcwLk1
ClicknUpload: https://safelinking.net/gRd8gdR

Musaigen no Phantom World 09

Uploaded: https://safelinking.net/dWhPJqP
ClicknUpload: https://safelinking.net/NNEiyt5

Saijaku Muhai no Bahamut 08

Uploaded: https://safelinking.net/8hnZhnq
ClicknUpload: https://safelinking.net/941ReFf

Norn9: Norn+Nonet 09.5 (Yup, Episode 9.5)

Uploaded: https://safelinking.net/ZpHSdf6
ClicknUpload: https://safelinking.net/5JHn3xH

Ajin 07 – 08

Uploaded: https://safelinking.net/xa3MmEP
Uploaded: https://safelinking.net/7adwZoa

ClicknUpload: https://safelinking.net/kZX4H2e
ClicknUpload: https://safelinking.net/9kBtFMA

Phantasy Star Online 2 – The Animation 09

Uploaded: https://safelinking.net/XqdG81c
ClicknUpload: https://safelinking.net/MuADuM9

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