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Mass Update #3


I think we’ll be seeing mass updates every now and then. PSO 10 and Erased 11 will be delayed. The remaining series have been updated. Once again, If I mislinked or failed to update any show please don’t be slient about it and do let me know. Enjoy~

Saijaku Muhai no Bahamut 09

Uploaded: https://safelinking.net/hBgHPNt
ClicknUpload: https://safelinking.net/KtlLwYc

Ajin 09

Uploaded: https://safelinking.net/cKBzWuj
ClicknUpload: https://safelinking.net/sPySdWh

Dimension W 10

Uploaded: https://safelinking.net/L9ThRx1
ClicknUpload: https://safelinking.net/igaKNwe

Musaigen no Phantom World 10

Uploaded: https://safelinking.net/RsQ1whj
ClicknUpload: https://safelinking.net/kts5wLq

Divine Gate 10

Uploaded: https://safelinking.net/CksTKHs
ClicknUpload: https://safelinking.net/id4uNRI

Active Raid 11

Uploaded: https://safelinking.net/wBlmCtr
ClicknUpload: https://safelinking.net/M1S2Uji

Norn9: Norn+Nonet 10

Uploaded: https://safelinking.net/kxr2qIc
ClicknUpload: https://safelinking.net/hFTycNa

Schwarzesmarken 09

Uploaded: https://safelinking.net/dxkkhFE
ClicknUpload: https://safelinking.net/weT4HUB

Dagashi Kashi 10

Uploaded: https://safelinking.net/NGWKUGq
ClicknUpload: https://safelinking.net/xQGPBka

Heavy Object 23

Uploaded: https://safelinking.net/iPHpoRr
ClicknUpload: https://safelinking.net/JAouxxj

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