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Owari no Seraph: Nagoya Kessen-hen


Yuuichirou has reunited with Mikaela at the Shinjuku Battle. But Mikaela was turned into a vampire… To save the “family,” and to protect his fellow members, Yuuichirou needed to gain knowledge and power. He searched for ways to bring back vampire to human beings, and at the same time, trained hard working on the Cursed Gear.

Meanwhile, Kureto calls Guren and tells him a shocking truth. That in one month, the main unit of the vampire will start attacking Tokyo. To get a head start against vampires, Kureto orders Guren to go to Nagoya. The noble extermination mission is about to open fire!


Type: TV
Episodes: 12
Producers: NBCUniversal Entertainment
Licensors: FUNimation Entertainment
Studios: Wit Studio
Source: Manga
Genres: Action, Drama, Shounen, Supernatural, Vampire
Duration: 23 min. per ep.
Rating: R – 17+ (violence & profanity)
Resolution: 1280×720
Language: Japanese
Subs: English (Softubs)
Fansub: [DerpDesuYo]



Episode 01 https://safelinking.net/f7mrSef
Episode 02 https://safelinking.net/Tnjk3AB
Episode 03 https://safelinking.net/dx1mxlq
Episode 04 https://safelinking.net/ZzX8W7j
Episode 05 https://safelinking.net/7nngllh
Episode 06 https://safelinking.net/HgbBYbb
Episode 07 https://safelinking.net/w6eH7jt
Episode 08 https://safelinking.net/qy1Sdww
Episode 09 https://safelinking.net/bUhtPdX
Episode 10 https://safelinking.net/c58hcRZ
Episode 11 https://safelinking.net/lpfUjUp
Episode 12 https://safelinking.net/x8fdNZQ


Episode 01 https://safelinking.net/6pHYqJf
Episode 02 https://safelinking.net/w73ZUfJ
Episode 03 https://safelinking.net/UkieqI6
Episode 04 https://safelinking.net/EWjbth3
Episode 05 https://safelinking.net/tuSArly
Episode 06 https://safelinking.net/YFisYq5
Episode 07 https://safelinking.net/WDWHMRb
Episode 08 https://safelinking.net/jqhz974
Episode 09 https://safelinking.net/7Rk1ATt
Episode 10 https://safelinking.net/3mI3dyA
Episode 11 https://safelinking.net/63kryff
Episode 12 https://safelinking.net/JlUDbuX

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